6/27/2014... the poll has 157 votes. Hope this article helps a few Trout Fishermen this Season! Refer to the picture above, Trout Fishing Rig #1, to see the completed rig. You can have silver, brass/gold or painted. Trout are some of the healthiest fish to eat, taste decent, and contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids. Caught three using Rainbow PowerBait in less than 15"... so switched to a fly rod for some catch and release fishing! Used Trout Fishing Rig #3 today and limited out. But, Yellow is starting to close on Chartreuse! Trevor Kugler. This last season, the two fishing rods we used the most were a 4' 6" Ugly Stik ultralight rod with a Shakespeare spinning reel, and a 6' 6" Berkley Medium Light Lightning Rod with a Pinnacle spinning reel. More than twenty years ago I was taught a great technique for rigging spinners for trout fishing. Spinnerbait Drawing by Paul Adams. In areas know to produce trophy trout, tip a Panther Martin spinner with 1/3 of a nightcrawler, half a garden worm or a small ball of Berkley Power Bait. That's it ... refer to the picture above, "Trout Fishing Rig #4," to see the completed rig. Many types of lures can give you an excellent chance at catching trout from a kayak. This rig takes a little longer to tie compared to Rig #1 and does not allow easy adjusting of the leader's length. That said, we also bring a container of pink PowerBait as a backup; pink is one color missing in the Rainbow offering. On larger lakes, trout often cruise just off the bank immediately following ice out. The best thing that you should consider in catching any elusive lake trouts is to use the best lake trout lures that skilled anglers always put in their fishing tackles. And, it is quick to set up, especially with cold fingers in freezing weather! Running in third is Yellow! The other half just call them spinnerbaits. and 1/2-oz. Begin by threading the fishing line through the bullet weight, with the pointed end toward your reel. You're going to need to add some weight to effectively cast your spinner rig. Rainbow, Chartreuse, then Yellow! When fishing, we use 4-6 lb. And, as always... Good Luck and Good Fishing! Was having trouble with the current and the rig did well in increasing hook ups! A word a caution- if you put too much slack in the line the blade may stop spinning altogether, killing the action, and any chance of catching that trout. Adding the small #6 split shot lets the rig handle stronger currents, and lessens the likelihood of the current causing the line to go slack. Give it a twitch just as you start reeling it in to make sure the blade is spinning. Chartreuse is next. This often times can trigger a bite from a trailing trout. Posted by Paul Adams at 11:35. What you have now is your spinner on the end of your line, and your barrel swivel twelve or so inches above your spinner. link to 20 Trout Fishing Tips to Catch More Fish. If the bass in your waters are used to feeding on a certain type of prey, choosing a spinnerbait that is a color that matches this can really help you to attract fish. 6/22/2014 and the poll has 146 votes! Now you know how to rig a spinner for trout fishing. Then, measure 12-18 inches of fishing line to make a leader, and cut it and tie it to the other end of the small swivel. In-lines come in all sizes: small trout and panfish sizes to musky and salmon sizes up to six inches in length. Fish the spinnerbait with a light monofilament line. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. In order to have the lure and the bait working correctly when using this type of bait, you will have to attach the bait directly to the lure. Email This BlogThis! Some of the range also have Mylar inserts.​ Some days a silver blade will be will be killing it other days it will produce nothing. Rig a baitcasting outfit with 17-pound-test line, tie on a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait and cast around the thickest cover. Early season trout fishing can be a challenge, especially in regions where natural food such as nymphs may not have hatched. To the end, secure your favorite wet or dry fly. The natural current will give you enough action and you can just sit back, relax, and get ready to reel in a trout. Looks like Chartreuse is in the lead right now! As our Fishing Club is based in Texas, we refer to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Trout Stocking Schedule posted each year, normally in late November. Keep in mind you want the blade to flail and trout are very fast, so you can burn a spinner back as quickly as possible in any body of water. However, it will handle larger rainbow trout. Guess what? They have been used effectively for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, stripers, perch, salmon, steelhead, pike, and variety of panfish. Then pull one end of the core out and add a little water. Diamond Author Rig #1's drawback is that it is limited in strength because of the loop created by the bead. Finally, tie the tag end of the leader to the hook. Our local fishing club—the COAF Field Team, in Texas—uses PowerBait, a popular dough bait, to catch rainbow trout in ponds. The blades colors have a big variety also. Then, push the bullet weight and bead against the small swivel. But, do look at Orange! Rainbow, Chartreuse, and then Yellow and Orange still neck and neck at 16% and 15%, respectively! Talk to a musky guy about “spinners” and he’s going to be thinking bucktails! Thanks Trout mouthed heathen! Popular spoon lures continue to catch inshore and offshore fish. Set this piece of line aside. Now, let's get down to how to rig a spinner for trout fishing shall we? Attach the hook to the fishing line with an improved clinch knot. It’s one of the most popular and effective presentations ever created. Jim Matthews Outdoor Editor Rigging for Trout The Floating Bait Rig The most effective way to catch trout at The Lakes is to use a sliding sinker rig and one of the prepared floating baits such as Eagle Claw Nitro Bait. For vegetation, will shift to a Bubble Fly Rig is the hooks keep getting clobbered. Tie a simple overhand knot with the bight, pull to tighten but make sure the loop of the bight is large enough to pass through the hook. This is a quick rig to tie and allows for adjusting the tag end (leader) by loosening the loop through the bead. This guide helps you a-z instructions and the materials you would need for spinner fishing. The bad news is there are hundreds of knots that can be used, but do you really have to learn them? If you need to increase the tag end, loosen the line through the bead and adjust to the desired length. We use this as a backup rig when we have broken our line and need to rig up quickly, but our hands are frozen cold. Its drawback is that when it is fished in rivers with a strong current, the rig may slip and the hook may fail to set. Begin the same way as Trout Fishing Rig #2. It should only be used where small rainbow trout (9-13 inches) are stocked. Stay tuned for more on the Bubble Fly Rig... almost done writing the article. Spinner bait are good for attracting and catching bass when fishing. However, it will handle larger Rainbow Trout! Also, check fishing bait here. Like the Poll results. © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, Application Procedures of Planner Boards For Fishing, Top 10 Tips For Bass Fishing In The Spring, The Best Bass Fishing Lure That No One Is Using, Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Derek Hudnall Who Qualified for 2019 Bassmaster Classic, Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Bernie Schultz Over a Million Dollars in Prize Money, Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Drew Benton - Fishing 2nd Bassmaster Classic, Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Cliff Prince - 8 Year Veteran of BASSMASTER Elite Series, Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Jeff Gustafson - 2018 FLW Series Rookie of the Year, https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Trevor_Kugler/38856, http://ezinearticles.com/?How-­to-­Rig-­a-­Spinner-­For-­Trout-­Fishing&id=1845714. The spinners that you use should be the size of the quarry that trout normally eat, which is normally quite small. You might also want to try winged baits and diving minnows. The walleye enthusiast’s idea of a “spinner” is actually a nightcrawler harness. Gently pull the knot away from the balloon. Trevor Kugler  |   Species: All species--originally a highly productive tactic in the salt water and bass fishing communities, the drop-shot rig has since beenleveraged to chase everything from perch and walleye to panfish, trout and pike. Take a small egg-shaped sinker and slip it… test monofilament fishing line. The skirt on a spinnerbait is also important for attracting fish. Choose the right weight of line. 2. Skirt. When the Field Team fishes for rainbow trout using PowerBait, we like to use ultralight fishing gear. More weight can be added as conditions require. Do check them out and let us know if they work for you this season! |   Allow for 12-18 inches of fishing line on the tag end. To fish with PowerBait Trout Dough Bait, the Team uses four fishing rigs which are described in the sections below. So, don't troll one of your favorite chartreuse, bushy-skirted bass spinnerbaits in the Rogue or Chetco bays, because the likelihood is that it won't get touched by a salmon. The chances of snagging a lure are greater, but so are the chances of catching fish. BUY Yakima Bait Rooster Tail Trophy Pack. Dough bait for trout comes in a variety of colors and scents; depending on your area, one color or scent may work better than others. There are many different types of trout such as rainbow trout, brook trout, bull trout, and more. Another reason to not use a snap link or clip when rigging a spinne r bait is that a lot of spinnerbaits are considered weedless lures. A standard trout fishing rig would include a spinning reel, 4-8 lb test flurocarbon line and a light or ultralight action rod. When the fishing line is tightened, the bead should look like the picture below. To make Rig #4: Attach the hook to the fishing line with an improved clinch knot. This makes a huge difference in the number of bites you receive. The fourth trout fishing rig is the simplest to set up, using a 3/0 split shot and a hook. Set this piece of line aside. 3. Get Fishing Tips & Techniques Twice A Month For FREE - http://www.jrwfishing.com/signup.html, Article Source: Never let the spinnerbait sink out of sight. Did use Trout Fishing Rig #1 and fished a local pond stocked with Trout. It uses a minimum of components (a hook and a split shot). The other half just call them spinnerbaits. What kind of lures do you use for trout? We will never sell or rent your email address. The fourth trout fishing rig is the simplest to set up, using a 3/0 split shot and a hook. What are the best rooster tail colors for trout?Rooster Tails come in a very large selection of colors including fluorescent, metallic and natural like patterns. When this happens, use Trout Fishing Rig #3. Now tie a small barrel swivel onto the end of the line coming from the end of your rod, size 10 to 18 will suffice. It is a good starting point for Texas fishermen to plan a trip to a local community lake or pond that is scheduled to receive a rainbow trout stocking. The Best Trout Fishing Knots, And How To Tie Them . Making a Spinnerbait Materials and Tools by Paul Adams. For all types of fishing you need to be able to tie good knots because - no pun intended - knots tie the whole fishing system together. Rainbow and Chartreuse are still leading! For ease of illustration, we are using a yellow Dacron line to make the trout fishing rigs described in this article. What this rig is all about: Trout are generally freshwater fish that live in clear rivers, streams and lakes. Now tie a small barrel swivel onto the end of the line coming … In fact, you can change the color of the skirts and add trailing soft plastics as well to match the color, change the profile and modify the weight for the conditions you are fishing. Now, let's get down to how to rig a spinner for trout fishing shall we? What rigs do you prefer for fishing under lily pads or heavy vegetation? For dry flies, you want the bubble to have enough water that it floats just above the surface, and a little less for nymphs and streamers. Start by grabbing the end of your line and cutting off a piece of line between eighteen and twenty four inches. Thank you! This setup has the wire connecting a skirt and hook with blades on the other end. Texas Parks and Wildlife Trout Stocking Schedule, Two small barrel swivels (or snap swivels). These won’t make or break the bite, but they will affect the type of trout you hook into. Refer to the picture above, "Trout Fishing Rig #2," to see the completed rig. Your fishing line should be six-pound test at the heaviest, and your spinners should be between 1/12 and ¼ ounce. We have discovered the extra scent and the different colors along with the glitter tend to trigger more strikes in the ponds we fish. Lake trout, especially, prefer shallow water at this time. Make sure the line goes through all of the guides when you're setting up your fly fishing pole. If larger rainbow trout are in the area, better to use Trout Fishing Rig #2 or Trout Fishing Rig #3. ... View Post. This season we went with Stren, as it was on sale at our local sporting goods store. Poll is still going strong... looks like Chartreuse has taken the lead over Rainbow with Yellow and Orange following behind! Finally, using an improved clinch knot, tie the hook to the tag end. The slack in the line causes the lure to pitch to the side and change pace. Here’s an example of a spinnerbait with a hybrid blade setup: Willowleaf & Colorado Blades. By adding split shot sinker you will get the necessary weight for casting. You can use the following components to make the four trout fishing rigs: The weight of the bullet weights and the size and number of split shot used can be modified based on the existing conditions such as wind, current flow, and casting distance. Similar in style and basic setup to the Texas Rig except you attach at swivel to the line and set a small barrel weight above it. One way to do this is to twitch your rod tip towards your lure. This second trout fishing rig uses a bullet weight, a bead, a small swivel, and a hook. The rig is very simple. Rainbow continues to lead. If you’re a bass fisherman the word “spinner” usually refers to a spinnerbait. A light line will allow you to cast the spinnerbait far out into the lake where you’re fishing, and will let you reel the bait back in quickly. Looks like Rainbow and Chartreuse are leading the colors with 62 votes casted as of 4/28/2014! Softly pinch the balloon just under the knot. This fishing tip is NOT to be confused with a wire spinnerbait (commonly used for Bass, Pike & Redfish). Fly and bubble fishing calls for light lines of from 4 to 6 pound test (2 to 3 kg class). This is accomplished by adding split shot sinkers to your line above the barrel swivel. The man who taught me this method was a bait fisherman and needed an efficient way to change from bait fishing to spinner fishing as fishing conditions changed. Then measure 12-18 inches from the hook and attach the 3/0 split shot. Spinners are a category of lures that covers a lot of ground. Another rig setup for plastic trout worms is the Carolina Rig. In reality this method can be used for rigging spinners for fish other than trout, but it is most effective when used in the flowing waters of a river or stream.
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