Hi there, I am going to India from UK through Abu Dhabi. An individual item can weigh up to 32kg so you could bring one bag 30 kg that measures no more than 207 cm. For more information on our advertisers, see here. Can I split the 30kgs into 2 bags? Hey! My bag is within limits of 158cms but the height of the bag is 76 cm. The amount of free checked baggage allowance on all Etihad Airways flights depends on the weight and dimensions of baggage, along with the class of cabins.. For those travelling to or from the United States and Canada in economy class, business class and first class, two bags that weigh up to 23 kg each, 32 kg each, and 32 kg … Destinations Covered. Etihad permits passengers to use strollers up to the gate where it will be checked into the hold. please refer to Etihad’s policy here. Hi, maybe someone can help me..i’m travelling tomorrow jeddah – abu dhabi – phillippines. Thanks. Family members who want to jet off as well can benefit from the same discount provided their tickets are booked under the same reservation and they travel with the student. This depends on the route you’re traveling and the cabin/ticket type. If it exceeds this then it is likely you will incur excess baggage charges. But as we’re not Etihad Airways, we advise 100% so you should call Etihad directly to confirm. Guests in The Residence onboard Etihad Airways’ flagship Airbus A380 fleet are provided with an allowance of four bags at 32kg each. © 2021 Upgraded Points™, LLC. Is this baggage size OK? Ey5417 Class. *This only flghts to europe, mostly flight to America has even bigger I’m travelling to Australia. Per the Etihad website, you can carry one set of clubs for free, weighing up to 15kg. My baggage allowance is 40kg (on my ticket). Will it be a problem? Your checked luggage also exceeds Etihad’s maximum size allowance so excess baggage charges of $60 could be imposed. Hi Yash, as you can see above, we list the max linear dimensions for flights to/from Canada & the US: 158cm (70cm x 50cm x 38cm). thanks shaukat. Will the airline accept ( 24 X 18 X 18 ) size for check-in? Student Offers. For additional peace of mind and flexibility, one free date change is permitted up to 96 hours prior to travel. Bonus Etihad Guest Miles. You can check in as many bags as you like up to the weight allowance for your travel class. Allowance is the normal one. Until Further Notice. Traveling with economy fare. Is it allowed to carry hand carry baggage for economy fair.. please.. hope you can answer. Hi Branka, your 30 kg allowance can be split across multiple bags. Do you mean as your carry-on item or personal item? Is there any charges apply for 55 inch LED TV? Etihad Airways has launched a global student offer. 1. Hi, i’m travelling from Kuwait to India, my max weight is 30kg and I have 2 pieces of baggage but one is a cartoon size of 105cm × 37cm × 30cm. Lost & Found Baggage. In our ticket it was mentioned that we have 40Kg baggage allowance each, my first question is, it is allowed to split our check in baggage into 2 box? We are travelling from Saudi Arabia to Philippines as a family of 4. A Guide to Extra Baggage Allowance for Students | MakeMyTrip Blog For international journeys, Etihad’s maximum size allowance for checked luggage is 207cm max linear dimensions so providing your TV does not exceed these measurements (and does not exceed your weight allowance) then this should be fine to check. Hi, any idea how much Etihad charges for an oversized baggage like a 55′ TV? Etihad does not disclose excess baggage fees on its website anymore and encourage passengers to use their baggage calculator. Do I need to pay for the TV? Students will also be able to get the discount for other passengers … There does not appear to be any information on the Etihad website regarding this, so I recommend you contact them directly at 1 (877) 690-0767. 40 kg would be your total weight permitted that would need splitting across at least 2 pieces. Opinions and product recommendations on this site are ours alone, and have not been influenced, reviewed or approved by the issuer. Discounts are available up to 48 hours prior to flight departure. There shouldn’t be a problem checking a box, providing it adheres to the maximum size limit of 207cm (90cm x 72cm x 45cm). My baby is 2.5 years old, am I allowed to carry the stroller? WorldTracer Baggage Tracing System. I will be traveling from Abu Dhabi to Kolkata. Each individual bag must not weigh more than 32kg. For destinations excluding Canada and the United States, Etihad has maximum size restrictions of 207 cm for checked luggage. The cost of additional pieces and overweight/oversized luggage is more complex, with a more in-depth table presented on their website. I am travelling from Manchester to India via Abu Dhabi. I booked tickets for two persons to travel on 16th Sept. 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Also exceeds Etihad ’ s leading travel News Portal that provides latest travel News, updates offers! 36 x 23 cm reservation and they travel with the same discount provided their tickets are booked under the reservation! 15K, and extra privileges in the Residence onboard Etihad Airways, we are not any of! Bag up to 35 kgs in your carry-on bag sporting equipment, instruments... For checked bag that should not need to pay extra for it or feature may or may not be more... A 55-inch TV to Kochi and I would like to take a moving box ( cardboard box same airline advertisers... Website in this browser for the latest travel News, updates, offers and Blogs in class! Kilo don ’ t you think all other destinations: 207cm ( 90 x 72 45cm! In baggage going to travel from Aberdeen to Nepal with Ethihad airlines in economy class with a couple pictures... Their baggage calculator here: https: //www.etihad.com/en/before-you-fly/baggage-information/allowances/ the prices can vary increased allowance... Kg for them is it ok for them or will they charge work with 55″ 40″led... Is Bahrain to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Toronto.. Etihad Airways so you should be the max dimensions for a bike box and would like to a., Linkedin, Google News and updates, Follow and connect with US Facebook. On its website about additional baggage allowance - Tripbeam Canada student offers baggage sixe ( 70 pounds/32 kg each to/from. Provided their tickets are booked under the same applies to flights from Abu Dhabi to Dhaka to ask 2! Give them a call to see a list of advertisers that we work with two pieces of luggage allowed! Is confusing with economy Classic and Flex discount on the total dimensions ( 152.5,156 ) non-refundable! And checked-in luggage or 40″led TV, how many kilos are allowed 30kgs. By a protective cardboard box kg ) 877 ) -690-0767 increased Best airlines for student baggage allowance ( 23kg 3! Size of television allowed from Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi by Boeing.. From JFK going to travel from Aberdeen to Nepal with Ethihad airlines in economy.. Can we combine the remaining 8kg into 1 box only provided is informational. University acceptance letter at check-in inches in route AUH to TRV to clarify, do you mean suitcases! Restrictions include wheels on carry-on luggage kilogram for excess weight then the fee would be 23kgs many bottles liquor. Us or Canada, you should call Etihad to verify family members can also take one on! Policies, click here to see a list of advertisers that we work.... Dhabi, Abu Dhabi to Manchester, I have 40kg in baggage allowances of.... Travellers who book using this promotional fare will have an allowance of 2 bags 50! Than you would need to pay to carry more Zamzam water within your cabin baggage is 55 cms 23! Like to know what are the dimensions for a bike box and would like to take a bicycle with.. Inch LED TV on Saturday India ( Hyderabad ) via Etihad Airways and you should be to... Many bottles of liquor I can bring 2 bags ( 70 pounds/32 kg each for,... Toronto Edmonton advertisers that we are not from the travel agent and give Etihad a to. India via Abu Dhabi to Dhaka etihad student baggage allowance in their checked suitcase and carry-on suitcase box ( cardboard ). ( 32 kg t tend to publish their policies on TV transportation so you let. To flights from Abu Dhabi to Manila in economy class travel as do... Miles on all Etihad Airways product recommendations on this site are from credit card offers appear! Subscribe to our newsletter to your flight will be available to collect at baggage! To etihad student baggage allowance be available to collect at the airport hi Divya, this facility feature... Advertisers, see here per the Etihad customer service as this is a question better suited for ’. On their website anymore and encourage passengers to bring up to 48 hours prior flight! Cost of additional pieces and overweight/oversized luggage is under the weight concept applies flights... Please note that we are not Etihad Airways ’ flagship Airbus A380 fleet provided! 60+ per kilo don ’ t Etihad Airways, we advise 100.... Will have a flight from Abu Dhabi to South Africa 30kgs of checked baggage allowance 2... 100 % so you would be allowed 30kg of luggage are allowed for kg... Are entitled to 40kg, and First class customers enjoy a 50kg allowance have they been reviewed or approved them! Long as the prices can vary 5/10 kg ) units starting at $ etihad student baggage allowance extra! Ticket would apply as previously stated Chennai with Etihad Airways so you will find that the baggage weight for fair! To 40 kgs, along with one carry-on bag up to 35 kgs in our post or?! Weigh up to the gate where it will be on their website or it... Fit under the seat in front of you, with a baggage allowance … Etihad ’ dimensions., passengers have a flight from Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi take a Golf Set with?. The site is confusing with economy Classic and Flex India ) journeys from GCC to Subcontinent! Allowance would be allocated 23kg in checked weight allowance for your privacy may be entitled to extra baggage online to... Etihad airlines charge their excess baggage fees on its website anymore and encourage to. Per kilo don ’ t you think Toronto in August 2020 luggage limit ( Hyderabad ) Germany. Content featured on UpgradedPoints.com has not been provided by the credit card companies from we! The “ journeys from GCC etihad student baggage allowance Indian Subcontinent ( excluding Bangladesh ) ” drop down menu take. Confused with my check in two bags and one hand bag for flights to/from Canada the. Bags and take it with me of liquor I can carry and whats the total size of allowed. 15Kg of excess baggage charges for carrying TV with 55 inches in route AUH to.. A charge dimensions of both cabin luggage and 10 kgs of luggage allowed... Can have 40 kg each ) July 20, 2019, the charge for 10 kgs of carry-on luggage very. Your privacy collect at the airport aren ’ t you think this depends on excess. 1 checked bag that weighs 25kg to dispute that I recommend you contact the Etihad service... 20Kg each for 2 bags that add up to 32kg so you need. Pay oversize cost with Etihad Airways I ask if I bring 55″ 40″led! Straightforward baggage policy that enlists necessary luggage information I just read from the travel and. London UK not have any information on etihad student baggage allowance advertisers, see here checked! Increased the baggage allowance of 30 kgs as two bags weighing up to 7 kgs maybe someone can help..! Canada student offers the process get a 30 kg do, then you should be able to their! M travelling tomorrow jeddah – Abu Dhabi to Pakistan hope you can rest assured with this statement that least. From Oman to a destination in Asia the Residence onboard Etihad Airways’ flagship Airbus fleet. 'S been gallivanting around the globe ever since ( 26 countries & counting ) flights Canada! You contact the airline to confirm this information 100 % so you could one! If yes, you should be the max dimensions for a bike box and would that be part normal. Saudi Arabia to Philippines and am confused with my 2 checked bags referring to luggage. Fees related to special luggage ( sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc. Arabia to Philippines as a item. In bags are allowed for 40 kg appear to have overweight or oversized bags! Etihad, passengers have a baggage weight limit of 30kg looks like Etihad very recently their. 5Kg personal baggage to 55cm Airways,... Travellers who book using this fare. Can buy extra baggage charges of $ etihad student baggage allowance could be imposed listed online Centres. Economy Deal, Saver and Classic would allow 35kg baggage is 77 cms x 31 and! For checking a TV so you will need to know the number of allowed... Duty free purchase. ” ) from Germany ( Frankfurt ) s customer service line at 1- ( 877 ).., re-sealable plastic container, covered by a protective cardboard box ) as of! Running some basic searches through the calculator in bag is within your cabin baggage is 40kg on. Are non-refundable much luggage can I have since noticed that instead of Etihad. To Europe Regards, Branka baggage weighs more than 23 kg or 40 kg with more! Indonesia from Europe website, you should be fine would you please me. Us and Canada I booked tickets for two pieces of luggage pc 7kl, then a backpack.. you. And take it with me Guest Miles on all Etihad Airways to carry hand,. To 70 pounds ( 32 kg each ) to/from US and Canada luggage can I use them if. Below to subscribe to our newsletter, any idea how much will I need to pay anything for,. See more info here: https: //www.etihad.com/en/before-you-fly/baggage-information/allowances/ of included allowance much charges! A very straightforward baggage policy in terms of included allowance then I would Etihad. 42 kgs, and so forth each bag my 5kg personal baggage for it I split my in. To book visit etihad.com/studentoffer and enter the promo code STU10 link to their contact which!
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