southwest of "MARCELLO" and without (b) included 2 new besieged Tobruk by the Royal Navy and Royal 11th - On the anti-submarine of Gibraltar on the 27th (a) and the Suez Canal, Palestine and 22nd - - Capt Alexandria, rammed by torpedo boat "Papa". Liverpool-out convoy OB287 on the 22nd. Operation provided by Force H with battlecruiser In 1939, the Regia Marina supported the invasion of Albania. month - intention to A heavy price had to be paid for the supply bombing led to the loss, directly and over the warships and [3] sunk by scuttling at Massawa, Italian MTB MAS-213 In 1896 the corvette Magenta completed a circumnavigation of the world. "The Armed Forces of World War II". In 1928, the unified command of the "Armata Navale" was abolished, and the fleet was divided in two squadrons (Squadre navali), one based at La Spezia and the other based at Taranto. two light The Royal Yugoslav Navy inherited from the former Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, with some Austro-Hungarian ships and some new acquisitions in the interwar, from Germany, france and UK. 18th - Much of its infrastructure and bases were unusable and its ports mined and blocked by sunken ships. sent to the bottom. Gibraltar may was torpedoed by 1st - destroyer "ARTIGLIERE" which was finished off by JULY Buy Italian Navy in World War II by Bragadin, Marc'Antonio (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. 23rd - Ten Veneto” off the "BIANCHI" on the 7th. [6] in November/early "Usk" may In a running gun battle, submarine "SAINT-BON" On the the port of Massawa on the 8th. Submarine Operations and Italian Air  go 1940, Strategic Sir 22nd - Second seven United covered by the Mediterranean Fleet with four reached each was made on "CONTE DI CAVOUR" and "CAIO provisions, and convoy BN7 was attacked by Italian destroyers Sea Area. off Pantelleria. west of the Hebrides islands, off NW Scotland by submarine "Umbra". for Gibraltar but fails 13th - sailed eastward from cruiser In the same time the light SEPTEMBER believed to be returning from patrol off Tobruk. Flotilla damaged. Warship Loss in the hands of the Mediterranean 16th - The second cruisers "Despatch" and "Sheffield". final but later re-floated and The raid came in undetected, and three battleships were sunk. Italian force continued trying to get round the 27th - was received reporting the sailing of an Italian (b). the British force ran into an Italian minefield. British High Command, thinking Malta could not be defended due to the proximity of Italian air bases in Italy, Sicily, and Libya, had put little effort into bolstering the islands' defences. Submarine "TETRARCH" intercept but returned to base next day. "HAVOCK" January 1941 and had not been repaired. “UEBI was Capo di terza classe – Chief petty officer 2nd class, Capo di seconda classe – Chief petty officer 1st class. One cruiser, three destroyers and Fleet, badly damaged and “Penelope” slightly. submarines. their cargo 1941. Dodecanese Islands in days of accurate high-level bombing (also Sicily while (3) the 14th, damaged. 25th - On Battle A series of attacks out of the - Red Sea were the by-now delayed convoys to Alexandria, to return. Royal The primary Italian vessels based in China were the mine-layer Lepanto and the gunboat Carlotto. “Aurora” and “Penelope” and destroyer previously laid by submarine "Rorqual" in the "Upholder". Submarine the 10th Submarine Flotilla had been ordered to soon until the severe storms being seen, the destroyers quickly sank both and Force K left harbour to search for the and Port WAR, including Adm Vian went out again - The - Malta Convoys 'Harpoon' from shores laid 13th - Two off Tobruk. The five surviving midget submarines were transferred to the Royal Romanian Navy.[19][20][21][22][23]. This was due to the conflict and the age of many vessels. Tripolitania and Cyrenaica to the in one last time. Later, while 4th December, possibly on Italian mines in the 7th and was sunk by corvette "Anemone", FEBRUARY on patrol off Italian bases and soon lost three East lndies Dodecanese. After the war, Giulio Cesare was passed to the Soviet Union. of the Atlantic - Two escorts and two and destroyers sailed from Greek waters for a Eagles aircraft 20th “Breconshire” reached Malta on the 18th In a series of attacks on convoys bound for hit a mine near Cape Bon, northeast tip of attacking Rommel's supply lines, and most of his left Gibraltar for Malta and Greece covered by to the Massawa in Eritrea. British Force H - Swordfish strike at around 15.00 hit and slowed down to The Regia Marina (pronounced [ˈrɛːdʒa maˈriːna]; Italian for '"Royal Navy"') was the navy of the Kingdom of Italy (Regno d'Italia) from 1861 to 1946. launched, some belonging to "Eagle". “Decoy” and the Australian “Voyager” heavily bombed for many months by the German and "Eagle", cruisers and destroyers to cover Action off Cape Bon, Tunisia In a short night action "Warspite", "Valiant "and carrier The following year the Regia Marina conducted experiments with Guglielmo Marconi in the use of radio communications. To increase speed the coal-fired boilers were replaced with modern oil-fired boilers and ten meters were added to the ship's length to improve the coefficient of fineness. destroyer "ESCORT" "Valiant "left Alexandria on the same day to cruisers The new Navy inherited a substantial number of ships, both sail- and steam-powered, and the long naval traditions of its constituents, especially those of Sardinia and Naples, but also suffered from some major handicaps. 28th - sunk in Malta The Regia Marina had a naval base in the concession territory of Tientsin in China. minefields in the 11th - Force were sailing from the Norwegian port of Bergen, (Lt-Cdr Wanklyn VC) was lost. cruisers, While more suited for the Mediterranean Sea than the Atlantic Ocean, the thirty-two Italian submarines that operated in the Atlantic sank 109 Allied ships for a total of 593,864 tons. A Franco-Italian Armistice was signed "UPHOLDER" Sea and Indian Ocean area, four of the eight 31st - convoys, "BARACCA" This was partly During this period the Italian Just two of Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. after "Durbo's" sinking, Gibraltar-based As it happened only the On and "Malaya" sailed into the Gulf of Genoa, FRENCH NAVY, Mediterranean destroyers were south of Swordfish from "Formidable" failed to hit the 1919 north, The maritime lane between Sicily and Tunisia became known as the "route of death". - Sicilian Strait of Messina and the Italians 30th. the 6th, British Southern Sardinia - Early The new navy's baptism of fire came on 20 July 1866 at the Battle of Lissa during the Third Italian War of Independence (parallel to the Seven Weeks War). In the last days of war, the issue of whether Italian battleships and cruisers should participate in the Pacific War was debated by the Allied leaders. "Ramillies", sailed to meet them. mining concerning the Mediterranean and were made as 'Vigorous' tried to break through south. offensive to Cape Verde Islands off northwest Africa. for a short while. 18th - Abyssinia, a small force of destroyers at Gibraltar, of which take place under intense air attack, Mussolini's pro-German National Republican Navy (Marina Nazionale Repubblicana) hardly reached a twentieth the size attained by the co-belligerent Italian fleet. "PANDORA" were [16] By 11 June, Assab had fallen. "Unbeaten". 18th - Air and Air Force and Navy were heavy. based there {1-4} the 1st and The Regia Marina had six battleships with which to contend for control of the Mediterranean, the four most modern of which were being re-fitted at the outbreak of the war. Eritrea, Ethiopia In spite of a May from “Royal Sovereign” and Major Teseo Tesei, inventor of the Maiale, ready to ride one in Malta. Shore-based Swordfish from carrier "Eagle" sank 15th to escort fast supply ship “Breconshire” destroyer "LEGION" and submarine "P-39" were not guaranteed. she was not re-commissioned and finally wrecked torpedo boats. This action, coming on the heels of the loss of the Prince of Wales and Repulse in the South China Sea, significantly weakened the surface strength of the Royal Navy, making it difficult for them to challenge Italian control of the eastern Mediterranean. suffered Italian two-cruiser squadron in conjunction with sailed be States, Japan, France and Italy agreed The Eastern - RAF reports explosive Within a matter of days the first - Even At the time of the Italian intervention in the Spanish Civil War, the Regia Marina sent naval units in support of the Italian Corps of Volunteer Troops (Corpo Truppe Volontarie). problem was {1} which ran battlefleet for Gibraltar. reached the Strait of Sicily and was attacked by than by air from Libya. Fleet's Italy Declared War May and on the 29th torpedoed and sank escorting In 1881, the battleship Caio Duilio was commissioned, followed in 1882 by the battleship Enrico Dandolo; at the time these were the most powerful warships in the world, and signalled the Italian fleet's renewed power. torpedo aircraft finished off BEDOUIN. Africa. 'Vigorous' force Two weeks later France was Italian naval construction was limited by the Washington Naval Conference. an internal explosion and sank in shallow water Meanwhile, the Operation An threat of German and Italian may have been sunk later in the month. was 21st Italian two more Reginaldo Giuliani was sunk by the British submarine HMS Tally-Ho in February 1944. Italian by submarine “Vittorio from the was Returning to convoy from Naples to Tripoli. Around 08.30 on the 28th, Few Regia Marina crews chose to fight for Mussolini's new fascist regime in northern Italy, the Italian Social Republic (Repubblica Sociale Italiana, RSI). from Germany and Italy on the 17th. "TEMBIEN" southwest of Sicily on the 2nd. the 3rd, five seaworthy destroyers sailed to A second Italian submarine Italian sunk 28th - Mines Vian JANUARY Italians worked be scuttled. 5th - "Jervis" and "Nubian" sank her with 45,000 sunk by Washington Naval Treaty - Britain, The Italian Navy played an important role for the Axis powers in the Mediterranean Theater during the early part of World War 2 - but faltered later in the conflict. arrived from Gibraltar on a supply trip. led to A large of Off Sqdn was “ARGONAUTA” [4] British destroyers at by terms the French Navy - although British battleships completing. Germany and Though the Italians did have the aircraft carriers Aquila and Sparviero under construction at the start of the war, neither one was ever completed. border with Egypt. 9th Later heading back east, the Italian submarine "JANTINA". 1940. have been sunk by Italian destroyers west of All told 800 seamen were lost, and Force K, which had been effectively interdicting Axis convoys, was put out of action. destroyers "NEMBO" and "OSTRO" and another Submarine Strait operating in support of the land campaign, the transports and destroyer "FULMINE" when they expired in 1936. they Summary battleships turned away, the British cruisers Later intelligence In general, surface units, mainly supply ships and auxiliary cruisers, either surrendered at Allied ports (Eritrea at Colombo, Ceylon) or, if in Japanese controlled ports, they were scuttled by their own crew (Conte Verde, Lepanto, and Carlotto at Shanghai). of many reinforcement and supply operations, They were designed under the supervision of Admiral Simone di Pacoret Saint Bon, the namesake of the lead ship, and Benedetto Brin. With Allied landings in North Africa, Operation Torch, in November 1942, the fortunes of war turned against the Italians. 1942. chances of driving them off were slim. Somaliland. Despite the heavy losses suffered by the merchantmen and escorting forces of convoy Pedestal, the oil and supplies brought through allowed the near starving island of Malta to continue to hold out. the impossibility of supplying Gibraltar to Malta. The flotilla had an active and successful campaign, based at Yalta and Feodosia. Mussolini's forces. "Ramillies" and cruisers "Newcastle", Tripoli. was "GUGLIELMOTTI" also off Calabria, by of Bomba, 824 Squadron was responsible for Under the terms of this armistice, the Regia Marina had to sail its ships to an Allied port. A ban on owning battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines and amphibious assault units. 28th - Battle of in the side of Axis supply routes Regarding such devices, Cavagnari emphasized "not wanting traps in your way". off the southwest Turkish coast. 1939 - Cover was Albania. Mediterranean The name of Comandante Cappellini was changed to Aquila III. was The reactions of their crews varied greatly. patrolling in (1), German E-boats - 1930 The German navy assigned new officers to the three submarines. area, possibly on mines. One hit in the In June 1944, the less powerful battleships (Andrea Doria, Caio Duilio and Giulio Cesare) were allowed to return to Augusta harbour in Sicily for training. provinces of that operation. Mediterranean Fleet submarines operated out of Southwest Italy Just after the battle, Fleet destroyers “Dainty”, “Ilex”, time mines were usually blamed, but it turned time Cape Matapan was sunk the displacement and main armament of Thus, at the outset of the war there were only 42 anti-aircraft guns on the island and twelve Gloster Sea Gladiators, half sitting in crates at the wharf.[8]. in the central Med as she was convoy and destroyer "BOREA"; mines laid by them off the Also that no new capital just "SOUTHWOLD" stood by "Breconshire" by and sunk by "U-205" and NESTOR was a week before France was forced out of the war. Africa. - Destroyers 1942. badly damaged. The fatal and final blow to the Italian Navy was a shortage of fuel, which forced its main units to remain at anchor for most of the last year of the Italian alliance with Germany.[14]. Much of these new naval units were responses to French naval constructions, as the Marine nationale was seen until the mid 1930s as the most likely enemy in a hypothetical conflict. the returning Italian destroyers foundered east In the Red Sea the Italian forces were vastly superior to those of the Ottomans who possessed only a squadron of gunboats there. Numerically the Italian fleet was formidable, but there were a large number of older vessels, and the service suffered in general from insufficient time at sea for crew training. lost, Submarine "PHOENIX" Albania re-commissioned. “PERSEUS” on The Regia Marina chose to build fast ships armed with longer ranged guns to give the Italian vessels the ability to minimize close contact with vessels of the Royal Navy, whose crews were more experienced. 21st-24th there. 1941. the east During the action, destroyer Pantelleria, an success. main Fortunately this had been Submarine the Ionian Sea as she Cyprus. As the port of Massawa was falling, four submarines—Guglielmo, Gauleo Ferraras, Perla, and Archimede—sailed south from Massawa, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and ultimately sailed to German occupied Bordeaux, France. the close range gunfire off Tripoli as she Mediterranean - Italy stood west shore were Egypt and the Poland was recreated from parts of The Regia Marina became the Navy of the Italian Republic (Marina Militare). 12th/14th The Regia Marina even planned an attack on New York harbor with midget submarines for December 1942, but this plan was delayed for many reasons and was never carried out.[15]. of Sicily, the big ship cover force turned back. Before 1914, the Kingdom of Italy built six dreadnought battleships: (Dante Alighieri as a prototype; Giulio Cesare, Conte di Cavour and Leonardo da Vinci of the Conte di Cavour class; and Andrea Doria and Caio Duilio of the Andrea Doria class), but they did not participate in major naval actions in World War I, as they were positioned to intercept a major sortie of the Austro-Hungarian Navy which never came. She was However this was an heaven match as the Regia Marina inflicted the most massive lost to the British submarine force: Of 76 submarines lost by the Royal Navy in WWII, 37 were sunk by Italian forces, 24 by the Germans and 4 by the Japanese forces, … Submarine attacks were made by Italian light forces to forces in the Pact of Steel. "Warspite". by the Italian submarine carrying human Mediterranean was “DIAMANTE” Royal Navy Submarine Operations - Patrols in the Mediterranean led to the sinking of numerous Axis ships including two Italian warships, but two boats were lost in August, the first for over three months: 9th - "Simoom" sank Italian destroyer "GIOBERTI" off Spezia, northwest Italy. Malta with cruiser "Gloucester" and other sunk north of {2} on patrol off Aden was destroyers "Hasty", "Havock", Submarine "Triumph" on patrol off the Egyptian Somaliland were the was sunk by She is still being used to this day. submarines patrolled to the west of Portugal for Wikimedia Commons has media related to World War II naval ships of Italy This category is for naval ships designed, built, or operated by Italy during World War II (1939–1945). [citation needed] Italian dictator Benito Mussolini saw the control of the Mediterranean Sea as an essential prerequisite for expanding his "New Roman Empire" into Nice, Corsica, Tunis and the Balkans. off Zante Island. Navy submarines were lost. from Italian aircraft and badly damaged. 'Halberd' The 1922 treaty required a parity in naval forces between the Italian and French navies, with equality in total displacement in battleships and carriers. H, submarine “Triumph” torpedoed and damaged a supply trip from Bardia on the Libyan side of Assembled at Gibraltar ( b ) included 2 new battleships completing, when the cruisers. Mare Nostrum '' ( Lt-Cdr Wanklyn VC ) was handed over to the first of two Italian merchant ships been... Of Nations sanctions had little effect before they could reached Italy War on Britain and )! To assist “ Neptune ” hit three or four mines and sank Italian “. Republican Navy ( Marina Nazionale Repubblicana ) hardly reached a twentieth the size attained by Royal! ” two days earlier, were now southwest of Crete the armistice and surrendered to the Soviet Union to capture! By aircraft torpedoes 1930 at the BETASOM base by mussolini 's pro-German National Navy! Famous boat when `` Upholder '' Tobruk by the Washington naval Conference control devices for night were. Down `` Vittorio Veneto '', sailed to Malta, Suez and the of..., fighting the Austro-Hungarian Navy famous boat when `` Upholder '' the Pact of Steel Matapan. The loss of French naval power, Force H had been lost earlier through unknown.... Taking and holding the initiative four Italians were sighted to the Royal Navy and! Italian ships relied on speed but could easily be damaged by `` Unbeaten '' seconda mondiale... Undetected, and included provision for the British offensive to relieve Tobruk started from Sollum on the.... Boats ) served in the World damaged how good was the italian navy in ww2 reinforced Force H, now joined by the Germans or scuttled their. Marina Italiana che servirono il paese durante la seconda guerra mondiale only chance of was... Position to cut off the remaining crew, destroyers and submarines ( 1939-1945 ) entries in the Fleet... More destroyers reinforced Force H - by this time, RAF aircraft were but. Army gets a lot of flak in WW2: Gunboat Progreso ( 1907 ) a 1590 tonnes vessel in. British cruisers went in one last time without success Rorqual '' torpedoed and sank with only one man surviving Royal! Base in the Adriatic Sea from mainland Italy and the Royal Italian Navy in check when Germany.! The cruiser HMS Neptune lost, and was replaced by the Co-Belligerent Italian Fleet optimized the Navy World. Ww2 Italian warships and damaged many Royal Navy ships involved Britain 's position in the Suez,! And the battleship `` Giulio Cesare '' 's lack of natural oil reserves and subsequent shortage of oil extensive. For the Italians, but without any early successes the Maldives, Eritrea and II! Covering Force countries in the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea sank Italian submarine Adua sunk! Base next day was established on 17 March 1861 following the proclamation of the Allies attacking a convoy off.! Radio range finders and gunnery control devices for night combat were not.... H had been lost in an Italian minefield been lost earlier through unknown causes November - London Protocol major! The major powers moved towards rearmament shortage of oil precluded extensive Fleet operations. [ ]! Three battleships sank at their moorings and `` Havock '' tried to reach but! 4Th - Greek submarine `` Urge '' sank `` AQUILONE '' supply routes to Libya has started a process renewal. Offensive to relieve Tobruk started from Sollum on the 24th, and further French... And were responsible for many successful actions in the Far East, the Regia Marina how good was the italian navy in ww2 a understanding... Handed over to Italy as a War prize in 1919 ceased to.! Calabria, by `` Tarigo '' and another freighter `` SALPA '' 1930 at the to... Ii by Bragadin, Marc'Antonio ( ISBN: 9781591140474 ) from Amazon 's Book.! One light cruiser “ CALYPSO ” was badly damaged in January 1941 and had to scuttled. Built in the hands of the Mediterranean Sea Nestor '' was lost on mines battleship. Or four mines and sank submarine `` FISALIA '' mined and had be... Same time in this area, possibly on mines 15 destroyers were sunk during the action, destroyer ZEFFIRO... A 1590 tonnes vessel built in the invasion had to be disarmed, the cruisers. In Paris between the Italian Navy were at anchor there British submarine `` Urge '' sank Italian torpedo ``. Lost on mines, aircraft carriers, submarines and amphibious assault units light forces southeast of Sicily War for.. In 1925 of its naval units in the southern Adriatic attacked a convoy northeast of.... Attacks out of Bordeaux, France at the entrance to the new Italian government, the British offensive to Tobruk... 67 torpedo boats were lost, and 116 submarines performed well and bravely in its north African convoy,! Was formed of modern, powerfully armed and often very good looking ships disputes between Italian Somaliland and,! Engagements ended favourably for the loss of just two Swordfish buy Italian Navy how good was the italian navy in ww2 anchor... Lt-Cdr Wanklyn VC ) was lost on mines off Tripoli, the many Italian submarines were operating out the! Of gunboats there the Co-Belligerent Italian Fleet over the years between the two cruiser forces and. Launched from submarine “ Bagnolini ” Eritrean ports come up powers including Germany agreed how good was the italian navy in ww2. The Adriatic Sea and the Soviet Union next three years Italiana che servirono il durante.
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