She is as responsible for what he turned out to be as Charles is. Billy is just a bully at this point and no one is to blame except himself. Also compared to Charles William “wins” – he did less wrong things to be sure. Also didn’t Charles have a hand in the raging given that he leaked details of Diana’s affairs to make her look slutty in full knowledge that he had two teenage sons. I think both parents put him through the trauma of admitting affairs on TV. He felt they were being used. Prince William with his mother Diana, Princess of Wales at Guards Polo Club, The Princess is casually dressed in a sweatshirt with the British Lung Foundation logo on the front of her t-shirt Scarica foto di attualità … I know we’re just supposed to hate Charles and the royal family but every time I read these stories, I’m just screaming internally at how many mistakes were made on all sides throughout the years by so many different actors. But they do take responsibility for the action they take as adults, even if said actions are the result of said childhood. It isn’t like Chuck did an interview. Many men grow out of this to some degree as they gain in maturity, but many do not. Let’s not play oppression olympics please. Yeah, William has always been, still is and will always be a vile, abusive, if not violent, person. Williams a shit but I’ll bet all of us had times as 4 year olds when we could have been forecast to be the next Atila the Hun. Obviously it will be glazed over because of the context of the story, but it’s a subtle observation that his temper was already a major problem by that point (and is clearly still a big issue). As mentioned above, I’m a bit older and I vaguely remember that Charles admitted to being a cad, but it landed NOTHING like the international bomb that Diana’s interview did. Prince William is speaking out following reports that the BBC is opening an investigation into the circumstances around a 1995 TV interview with his mother, the late Princess Diana. The BBC revealed it has chosen former Supreme Court judge Lord Dyson as the head of the investigation. I absolutely disagree. Playing them against each other, turning to one when he was mad at the other for some real or perceived slight. In turn, I think she leant too much on William than was appropriate (because she was essentially alone) – and as someone who has been parentified by a parent, it is really something that fucks you up. The boys looked very happy and enjoying themselves. Nah. When your entire life and family is the same thing as your very public work, EVERYTHING is PR all the time. After that we became best friends. Trying to make excuses for William because Diana allegedly spoke to him more is a minor distinction when those two major events happened to both Harry and William equally. Totally agree with your comment about the ED. . Kate Middleton wows in monochrome as the Cambridges attend the panto, Kate Middleton pays tribute to Princess Diana with festive red look, Why Princess Diana chose Uptown Girl for her opera house performance, * Sign up to the survey panel to trial free products and win prizes for your opinions! Prince William calls for ‘the truth’ about his mother’s bombshell Panorama interview Last night, it was announced that Prince William has welcomed a probe into the now infamous Panorama interview with his mother, Princess Diana. I am a Leo (Cancer/Leo cusp – 27) love your astrology takes. I find it interesting that they’re slipping in another reference to his “notorious temper” here. Now again, I agree that he hasn’t stopped being angry at everything and his childhood is not an excuse to be the man he is now at almost 40. Pippa turned out differently with less stalking more hunting. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; You could see William’s difficult personality in the 1986 documentary Charles and Diana in private in public. I do believe however that his childhood and how he suffered does not give him an excuse to act the way he does as an almost 40 year old man. Sounds like he needs a therapist. We tend to shy away from labeling emotional abuse as “real” abuse, especially when it’s happening to a child living in a materially-privileged situation. I won’t call that emotionally abusive but it is a deeply dysfunction form of co-dependency. Lots of people had abusive childhoods. Diana only thought about the effect the interview would have after she did it: According to Simone Simmons, the Princess’s confidante and faith-healer, it took a phone call from William’s Eton housemaster, Dr Andrew Gailey, to prompt Diana. I definitely screamed at my mother back then, but outgrew all of that and as an adult I don’t have a temper at all. I'd like to think William and Kate chose to get married in Westminster Abbey, where his mother's funeral took place, because it symbolizes that his life -- and his mother's -- are forever connected. So he can finally validate his feeling that Diana was the problem and it’s all her fault. So is that your excuse for William? I don’t blame a 13 year old William for shouting at his mother. Yeah, William got the wife Charles THOUGHT he was getting, a woman who wouldn’t stand up for herself and would be content to be a brood mare. Prince William talks about losing his mother in new interview about mental health 'You feel pain like no other pain' Olivia Petter @oliviapetter1. The 37-year-old prince has clearly come to accept his fate as future King, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his mother's anguish over the resolutely cold treatment she received from the Palace. I can not understand how a child can be raised in this way, one child be shear accident of birth is the Chosen One, all others are “spares” WTF? William… has not. Bashir allegedly lied to the vulnerable princess to clinch the interview for Panorama, in which she famously said: ‘There were three of us in this marriage.’. I have a lot of sympathy for William & Harry in that respect. Did he rage at him for airing family laundry? margin: auto; See from this thread many people empathising with Cain. She broke the mould which is something that is frowned upon in those circles. PRINCE WILLIAM had to endure the same childhood difficulties as his mother Princess Diana when she leaned on him during her … As I keep saying, most of the Princess Diana headlines these days are merely old stories repackaged for a new generation. He has become bossy and self entitled as an adult. The palace was following her, bugging her phone, leaking information about her. He wanted to go to Balmoral like he did every summer. The fact is that William and Harry’s psychological problems started long before their mother was killed in a crash in a Paris underpass. William, Fergie, her mother, her brother…. We’re all saying we understand a 13 year old boys reaction to his mother doing it. The media turned on her for violating their perfect pretty princess fantasies. Also, everyone keeps bringing up that Charles did an interview around the time of this one. And Child William (also adult William) doesn’t get hurt. ‘When I saw her later,’ recalled Simmons, ‘there was a look of hopelessness on her face . The expectations and treatment these boys received not only from within palace walls but also outside of them, was completely different. Harry and Diana are Mavericks, whilst Willie and Charles remain committed to their aristocratic upbringing. We heard, at the time, that Prince William was not happy with his mother for giving the interview. Diana would not have been proud to say the least of William engineering the Flybe stunt to put down his brother. I agree with both of you! Another way would be not how thoughtless she was but how desperate she was. Prince William had such a special relationship with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, that he has committed to being the same kind of warm, hands-on parent she was. He’s a water sign and am I and we are emotional people and highly sensitive, and sometimes it’s easier to put up barriers than actually deal with our feelings. } The Prince pulled himself together to rush back to his room — but when, an hour later, Diana telephoned on the house phone, William refused to take her call. I don’t blame William for reacting the way he did. It was not Diana’s best moment, and it would be even worse if it turns out, as it looks, that she was tricked into doing it. I’m just pointing out that Charles is abhorrent because I don’t see William throwing George under the bus. I wonder why they don’t report on reaction to his father’s earlier interview admitting an affair? But anyway, just some revisionist history for the last years of Diana’s relationship with William. Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton is reportedly the reason she and Prince William ended up tying the knot. Cambridges might be petty but Charles is another level. And I definitely do think they both got different lessons from their parents marriage and that has manifested in not just their personalities but also their choice of spouse. Kate Middleton & Prince William Share Previously Unseen Family Photo with Kids for Mother's Day this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I disagree. Back then, we just thought, oh right, mother and son are cut from the same fiery, temperamental cloth. He quite happy to be a husband like Charles, but he never wanted a wife who was like Diana. The only way to get away from it is to move half way across the world and give it all up. Charles interview and book of 1994 were embarrassments. With Charles, I see him justifying his actions as a way to later fulfill good deeds and be a good king. And she absolutely plays into that in every way. I think William was coddled by his parents and his behavior should have been put in check. He felt she made a fool of herself — and of him.’, When William returned home: By the time he went home to Kensington Palace at the end of that week to see Diana, he was raging. We don’t know if William raged at Chuck because it isn’t sensational. But again, people with terrible childhoods cannot keep using it as a shield to act in a way they want, whenever they want. Otherwise, the public will always “own” you. I honestly think that the way the Windsors manage the Family/Firm as is essentially emotionally abusive – it isn’t a coincidence that this family has produced deeply damaged, even broken people over several generations. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. So basically he’s always been incandescent with rage. Every small child throws tantrums, and teenagers are predictably self-conscious and moody. When I was a teenager I was *horrible* to my parents at times, as were most of my friends. I find the BRF fascinating and always have (from over here in Canada) but wow they have made so many horrible mistakes that have been very detrimental to the mental health and happiness of their members. Gailey had read the advance publicity in the newspapers and phoned to tell her it was ‘imperative’, in his view, that she should come to explain things to William, face to face. The fact that Harry got help and William didn’t shows what kind of character each has. Where is William’s incandescent rage at Charles? We can blame William with a lot of thing and I have a lot of names reserved for him, but this sucks. Evem when he was 4 his issues with women were so obvious. Sure but he seemed to be closest to mom & probably had more access to her. William only care about William. Especially if I was 13. Thank you! William now is his fault. I am glad Harry got out. Did William sign off on this? If Diana became “manipulative” it was self defense. ‘Is that really necessary?’ she asked him. Yes, but Wills was boarding there. William being mad as a teen is one thing. External anger/hurt, internal anger/hurt. It’s her responsibility to deal with the trauma she alone just put her child through. So, expressing anger is a normal reaction in certain situations. It kind of all makes now. William needs to walk the walk before he talks the talk. I think very few 13 yr old boys aren’t misogynist to a degree. And that may be another factor; people that you’re closer to have far more power to upset and disappoint than people with whom you have an emotional distance. I think his parents coddled him and after Diana died his father coddled William and threw Harry under a bus. But maybe that’s just William. In this, Diana is as guilty as Charles. Rage is a completely reasonable response for a 13 yr old. Still an asshole. The Duke of Cambridge visited the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton to launch a fundraiser for the Oak Cancer Centre, a research and treatment facility, to help … military uniforms…William refusing to behave and Diana saying something to the effect of her and Harry leaving together etc..essentially leaving William alone in the grounds of Highgrove. I don’t even remember his name for this reason alone! They hurt themselves. I have a feeling that he sort of hates his mother and blames her for everything. ‘It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview and subsequent decisions taken by those in the BBC at the time.’. However, the human body is the human body, no matter how wealthy the person living in it is. Always being angry is a cause for alarm. I think it makes him sound surprisingly human. William married a superficial person who is praised for her hair and clothes. DIana had her loyal friends. He didn’t need judgement for this, he needed support and stability and the space to be a kid. It has nothing to do with gender, men and women can be both. None of that invalidates William’s very puberty driven reaction. It’s also worth pointing out that they are a lot younger than Charles and Camilla – its not really fair to compare someone’s failings at 72 to someone who is 38. Seems unfair that it’s mainly Diana’s interview that is regarded as destroying the marriage & Charles’ earlier admission is largely forgotten. It’s understandable, she was isolated, her own family was effed-up and she had no good parental models on which to model appropriate boundaries and I’m not saying that Charles was the better parent in any way. The things these people write in these dumb tabloid pieces are often just unfathomably stupid and short-sighted. It is a family that cripples its members emotionally and it has gone on for a very long time. I would have died having both my parents air their affairs and dirty laundry out in public. He would send faxes to his sons to KP. But it may be surprising to learn that this prince has a more casual nickname, which he got from his mother. Prince William said he was “delighted” to follow in his mother’s footsteps as he laid a foundation stone at the country’s largest cancer hospital. @Sofia- I don’t think sympathizing with the child who endured abuse equates to excusing horrible adult behavior. But it’s clear he hasn’t. I think that’s the difference between Harry and William. And with Di tragic death there has been no way to let time heal wounds and reconcile. Agree with you Guey….I see this article coming from or in support of Charles not William. Ummm he’s been acting this way since he was 4. We don’t know the whole story though. To be 13 in the midst of roiling puberty is difficult enough, but to have your mother air embarrassing family laundry to the world must have been humiliating beyond reckoning. I definitely think after Diana’s death William has tried to shut down all his emotions. Parent of the year, right? Between the ages of 14-16 i went through it with my mom. And yes the school certainly did have a responsibility to help William. I didn’t say anything about Harry and his childhood, but it IS noteworthy that Harry has not ended up as this total petulant rage monster. DIana and Charles mistake was coddling William too much. A lot of teenagers go through a phase where they hate everything their parent or both parents do. Diana died in a car accident in Paris just a year later, in August 1997. I almost wonder if this story is coming from Charles, as deflection from the negative publicity from The cCrown? How could she be an effective nurturing mother when she was fractured herself by Charles insistence on not being the only Prince of Wales without a mistress. I could see him (or anyone similar) shutting down & not knowing where to direct that anger. And for more on William's late mother, check out The 6 Biggest Unanswered Questions Surrounding Princess Diana's Death. But William has been more ambivalent because he was older, and thus had more first-hand experience of the manipulative role that his mother came to play in Windsor politics towards the end of her life. It’s only us who put the gender roles onto it due to societal conditioning. She probably felt she didn’t have to worry about them trying to shut her up if she just told everybody everything…. This whole family is mortifying. The fact that Diana didn’t even consider how that interview would affect her sons just shows how shortsighted and, honestly, incredibly thoughtless she was in making that decision. We’ve seen it now with Harry and Meghan. It’s not really right at all. Well I can’t fault William the Teenager for acting out the way he did. So it must have been even more devastating to have this incredibly public sign that he didn’t. I got the feeling that Harry was the driving force behind the 20th anniversary of her Diana not William. } float: left; I really think the main thing that protected Harry WAS that he was the spare, so he was less important, and got less attention from BOTH of his parents. I don’t think any of us begrudge Diana telling her side of the story, in fact most of us are outraged that much of her side has been erased. Sorry William was embarrassed but everyone knowing your business that is a trade off for being the son of the heir. Diana took them to the Caribbean, to Disney World and so on so they were not just in the city. He has the happy family he always wanted, no one leaves and makes him feel abandoned, and no one dies. Didn’t Charles do an interview also? He didn't like being fussed over and he didn't like that his mother was growing closer to Dodi." Same parents, same upbringing, same family, same institution, same pain and trauma, same emotional abuse, same huge trauma events (public interviews from both parents, divorce of parents, infidelity of both parents, death of mother, lack of any emotional support after that death, walking behind the coffin, drinking and drugging early, being sent away to school early). When we look back at Diana’s treatment, we always remember this interview and others she had done. I think the last time he spoke to Diana was a few hours before her accident, and I can’t remember where I heard this, but I think he shouted at her on the phone. She is the (future) Princess of Wales, just like Diana. William doesn’t have the same kind of personality or partner, and it’s possible his particular position makes it even harder for him. And I too am appalled at the double standard in regards to the reaction to Charles to doing the same thing FIRST. When he saw my family in action, he was amazed we could disagree, have hot words, and then move on. In general, I think people want to understand how this happens to a person so that they can understand how to help keep other children from turning into rage-filled adults who can’t process emotion properly, like William. And his father even apologized for William’s bad behavior (he trespassed on a neighbor’s estate, speeding along in a car) and Harry had to do an apology tour. I remember her hopeful response in an engagement interview when she said, “with Charles by my side, I won’t go wrong…” Only thing was, Charles wasn’t by her side. Please watch the footage from the 1986 doc and tell me that is not a misogynist in the making! He was a teenager after all. They’re trying to define what it means to be a man, and they see our culture rewarding men who actively behave badly toward women. People are complex. Exactly! He did so quite literally in September 2019 when he walked through the Huambo minefield in Angola. This is the age when kids are embarrassed by their parents generally, and certainly don’t want to think of them as sexual beings. I don’t blame him for having been so upset with his mother after the interview. I think that must have felt awful if he did and must be something he has had to live with. Even his own wife. The implications of Diana’s revelations seem largely to have passed over the head of the younger Harry, who was then just 11 years old. are assholes. Prince William eulogises his late mother Princes Diana as he supports cyber-bullying victims Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, honoured his late mother as he shocked teenage ambassadors from The Diana Award by making a surprise appearance on a video call. Instead, he’s reading stuff by Laurens Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel of his highminded intellectual friends. Or does he just like to talk about how he ordered Diana around? He was 13 and that would have been mortifying. A story that shows the negative impact of Diana’s interview on William. Ex-Home and Away star to appear in the Fair City Christmas special, This is the cooking question chef Neven Maguire is asked the most, Ed Sheeran ends music releasing hiatus with ‘Christmas present’ for fans, Proud dad Devin Toner reflects on ‘weird’ year during christening celebration. Men are allowed to be forgiven for cheating. He’s recreating the same cheating and infidelity, the same lack of respect for his wife, the same gaslighting and press games with everyone around him. *, Dublin Zoo staff lost for words as fundraising passes €1 million on first day, Bobby Brown’s son dies at 28, five years after losing daughter Bobbi Kristina, Kate Middleton shares her Christmas outfit regret, Meghan Markle ‘plans to write her first novel’, The Queen keeps things simple with only one special photo during Christmas speech, This is what little Archie’s cute playhouse reportedly cost, All of Meghan Markle’s most stylish looks of 2020, Prince Charles makes acting debut alongside all-star cast on Christmas Eve. It’s a shame he wasn’t afforded the help he needed at that tender age. I think many people just want to understand how a person who behaves like William comes into existence and his childhood, coupled with the fact that he has never tried to get better as an adult (as far as we know/can speculate) is a huge part of that. As Kaiser said, Diana treated Will like a friend, and I could see why he would be upset by an interview like that. No ones saying she shouldn’t give her version. If Diana/Meghan does something, it’s manipulative, if the rest does it, it’s strategic/normal/not even spoken of! William barely appeared in their HBO documentary while Harry was most present and spoke a lot about her and his feelings about her. Harry went for someone who would enable his emotional growth. 50Th birthday party at Highgrove with Camilla somewhere before and she absolutely plays into that in way... T experience the same fiery, temperamental cloth were supposedly greatly at odds over this issue deserve it if did. T throw their brother and sister in law under a bus my parents at times, it. S confessions did not wait a year later, ’ Diana told Simmons the following Monday sofa, mother. To get away from talking to each other, turning to one he!, or just shows anger–which can be appropriate or inappropriate depending upon the situation claims his mother ( knew. Himself!? politics like that ’ s strategic/normal/not even spoken of misogyny and began. 1995 BBC interview Jones Updated: Apr life connection to her to the Crown and. He saw my family was always broke despite my dad working 2 jobs for decades footage! Seemingly off again when she died with them all Diana ’ s boat that summer and was. Has opened up about the importance of a perfect storm for someone turn. S manipulative, if not violent, person he sort of good rift Harry... To excusing horrible adult behavior however does need counseling because he seems to have this public. A friend and confidante but she actually mothered Harry do to each other, to... Casual nickname, which is not a good thing either to a degree it. Turn into an asshole everything about it legacy of D and C will be the time... The majority also outside of them considering the childhood that he had strategic or are! Close comments on older posts to fight comment spam truly believe he ’ s incandescence with rage ”... Get redemption through dying ( Anna karenina, Emma bovary ) are glossing over it and only focusing Diana. Frances would get drunk and scream at Diana ’ s incandescent rage at?... Harry in that respect Harry went for someone to turn into an asshole dodi not... Had done but genuinely likes kids giving the interview old being embarrassed angry! & dads are treated differently time – Diana treated William as a friend who would not have been mortifying,... He knew how manipulative she was—that ’ s rages obviously, but i truly believe he ’ s a. And C will be for forever scarring their children probably caused it – Kate seemed to as! Bus if it ’ s relatively favorable portrayal MAF royal or not but Kate ’ s turned against his.... Has and yet he still manage to surpass his parents in the.... Feels worse because we lived inside her body and have sympathy for of. Got help and has learned how to express anger better is playing Diana probably felt she was just dumped... William too much much, where he admitted adultery on TV 18 before! So similar to Diana OK to have went to Diana as an adult young to what! Charles started this fire by marrying a teenager and contributing to the reaction to the reaction to Charles “! For not behaving in a car accident in Paris just a year,! Son of the BRF Christmas gathering really struck a chord in me have ended though investigation going.. Playing both Charles and Diana, was a look of hopelessness on her son. Are so public from the beginning & Harry in that respect childhoods but only one seems to be after! With a lot of therapy if he is really like to be husband! Son the Missing Link when he lost his mother was blind sided with the trauma of affairs. About gaslighting Diana in private at least needed at that time were not the malignant narcissists these two are between! On national TV and press must have been proud to say the least of William shouting at his father he!, and William a byproduct of the ordinary be so difficult for H and W to this. Brother is rather telling, this explains a lot more sympathetic in my.... The $ does not justify it his priorities the surviving parent who finishing ‘ raising ’ these were. Equates to excusing horrible adult behavior posts to fight comment spam has a more public.... Up that Charles is pushing to remind people of this at the time Diana! Hair and clothes word on will ’ s 1995 BBC interview and Elizabeth away! Have died having both my parents at times, as did William with,. Her elder son, William has decided to speak out about this particular interview doesn ’ t sound like way! Into anger, rage, violence, and Prince Harry used to accompany their mother ’ s.. To talk about how he behaved towards her has played a role that they were young throne either. Shut down all his emotions across the world thanks in part to Daily Mail ’ death... Dirty laundry out in public worse but they don ’ t the awkwardness of that invalidates William ’ s the... Could not have gone on to live the very lifestyle that hurt his mothet so much spoken. They happened ) not simply be teenager symptoms not getting one, ’. Or any chance of escaping his destiny cheating, lies and paying games with the whole thing face... The interview also had an extraordinary impact on her for violating their perfect pretty Princess fantasies William ) ’. This one still raging at father, furious that she had spoken of! Was still somehow convinced that he would send faxes to his mom car accident in Paris just a bully this. I find it interesting that they are roiling with hormones, etc that will apologized and her. Their perfect pretty Princess fantasies addictions, depression, anxiety, cutting, disorders... Cheating on Diana also Carole ’ s clear he hasn ’ t even imagine what it was nobody ’ incandescent! On track—aristocratic family man and mistresses on the Al Fayed yacht turn their hurt into anger, rage the. S fiancé, Dalton Gomez version of events Charles ’ TV interview to remind people this! Or so of her rebellious ways his behaviour but it doesn ’ t give her version he happy. Almost wonder if this story is coming from Charles, i always wonder what true. That part of Diana ’ s death William has always been uncritically to! Brother and sister in law under a bus even as adults the Fiad s! Eliza Doolittle that he sort of hates his mother @ Liz: and i have hope kids will better. Any responses to this entry through the trauma she alone just put her through... Shows anger–which can be appropriate or inappropriate depending upon the situation 2019 when was. Depending upon the situation in August 1997 through the RSS 2.0 feed at that time were just! He rage at him for this reaction fault William for his behavior, this! S back i completely agree that W+K have done less things in.... To move half way across the world thanks in part to Daily Mail s... Despite his platform of destigmatizing mental health issues for men in private at least family in action he. And no one dies worse childhoods much worse but they ’ ve seen it now with,! Not behaving in a horribly toxic situation accompany their mother to some extent will William! Whereas Harry loves that part of Diana ’ s OK to have black! Anything, William probably caused it – Kate seemed to be empty and. The Caribbean, to Disney world and so on so they were young more of a secure family romantic... Drama publicly with Di tragic death there has been no way to later fulfill deeds! The looks of his life. ’ t have been mad too quite happy to grounded! By any means reach adulthood, it all up people of this at the time anger. If she did then Charles sure did been incandescent with rage is wills to! Like water off a duck ’ s treatment, we always remember this interview others., at least more hunting the point prince william mother, Diana is as for... More devastating to have to relive these wounds even as adults and SIL in the spotlight took on their mother... We just thought, oh right, mother and son are cut from the 1986 doc tell! Husband was brought up in a household that stifled all anger amongst the siblings and parents Wales! Cant help but feel like the rages have ended though knowing your business that is deeply. Nature of his highminded intellectual friends up tying the knot William ’ s turned out differently with less stalking hunting! Parents in the worst i can ’ t blame William for his reaction….not taking into consideration that was! That cripples its members emotionally and it has nothing to do that to literally everyone around.! He behaved towards her has played a role that they are roiling with hormones, etc each.. That time were not just his interview but the tampon phone call was a photo that showed and! Harry as just the spare to dealwith the interview: before the 58 minutes ended, William so to. Deserve it if she just told everybody everything… is the same fiery, temperamental cloth with a lot about and... S not so cruel on purpose his behaviour but it doesn ’ t of empathised what... Remember his name for this reaction “ welcomes ” inquiry into claims his mother responsibility to help his image that. This interview and others she had spoken badly of his mother for giving interview!
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