Rvo48548. Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh! Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh is a Netflix original TV series, succeeding the 2015 film, Home. Madison Bateman, Carder Scholin and Erica Jones. The Big Brain Boov recruit Oh to help them understand humans. Emily Brundige, Natasha Kline and Bryan Mann. A lonely Oh makes an unlikely friend at the aquarium, then kidnaps him; Disgusted by human-Boov friendships, Fox tries to separate Oh and Tip. The Boov appreciate Lucy's art at her shop, although not in the way she would expect. Tip becomes a Boovsland rock icon due to her awful guitar playing. DreamWorks Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh. Oh says he does not need reasonable space if he has a family. Starring Rachel Crow, Anna Ortiz, Mark Whitten / When Donny takes Oh fishing, they battle a giant Sturgeon. While your kids are enjoying the show you can even make them Home inspired Summertime smoothies and print out some fun coloring sheets. Ryan Crego, Thurop Van Orman, Bryan Mann, Nathan Bulmer, Erica Jones, and Carder Scholin. After Oh reprograms her, Slushious becomes jealous of Tip. Read the latest Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh episode guides & recaps, fan reviews, news, and much more. Tip has turned into Pig! … Tip gets a new perspective on life when she and Pig switch bodies. The Groov that Saved a Boov _ DreamWorks Home Adventures With Tip and Oh-8gCIAxoqVDI. Stumped by one of Tip's math problems, Oh seeks help from the Big Brain Boov hive mind; Oh struggles with Tip's need for total "closest buds" comfort. 67%. Oh tells Tip he will prepare a surprise for her and Lucy. Madison Bateman, Dan O'Connor and Nathan Bulmer. Home Adventures with Tip and Oh is a new animation from Netflix and I am sure you you will love it. 2 Seasons 5 Episodes. When Oh gets the Boov flu, Tip vows to take care of him. Lindsay Kerns, Natasha Kline and Bryan Mann. Close. It is 2D-animated and uses different voices. / When Bobe and Guppa come to babysit, Tip and Oh have a crazy fun time with them, until Tip has to be the adult. Title Story by Release Date 1a 1 "Booving In" Kristine Songco & Joanna Lewis. Noahs Adventures Adventure - Oh Noah! Oh kidnaps a wolf on Halloween, thinking it will turn him into a werewolf. Kelly Clarkson as herself, "List of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh episodes", Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Home:_Adventures_with_Tip_%26_Oh_episodes&oldid=992203536, Lists of American children's animated television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from July 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kristine Songco, Joanna Lewis, Jim Mortensen, and Dakota McFadzean, Kristine Songco, Joanna Lewis, Natasha Kline, and Bryan Mann. Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh. : The Best Worst Day. Oh builds a memory device to find out why Lucy and her sister hate each other. The Best Worst Day _ DreamWorks Home Adventures With Tip and Oh-KB635vND0gQ. Oh has a family reunion with his podlings. Guest stars: Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh: Watch full length episodes & video clips. Tip and Oh help Die-Anne attend her prom. Johanna Stein, Annisa Adjani and David C. Smith. Sibling rivalries are as old as time. While trying to help Lucy join the gossipy Juicy Crew, Oh overshares her embarrassing secrets. / When the parasites who live in Ohâ€TMs tummy emerge, Tip is surprised to discover that she is a celebrity to them. K-Trong invites Tip and Oh to a virtual-game of Lords and Lazers. Morgan J. Steele, Annisa Adjani and David C. Smith. Watch Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh, Season 1 | Prime Video Derek Iversen, Jim Mortensen and Dakota McFadzean. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Audience Reviews for Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh: Season 5 There are no featured audience reviews yet. / Oh takes Tip to the Museum of Awesome and Ancient Alien Stuff. Tip struggles to explain to Oh the finer points of inside joke telling; When Oh entrusts Tip with a new plant, she carelessly turns it into a monster. Parents need to know that Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh is a DreamWorks sequel to the 2015 movie Home and continues the story of human Tip and Oh, a Boov whose planet the two saved and now sits very near Earth, allowing residents to travel between them. Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh | 4 seasons | 104 episodes | TV-Y7. Tip and Oh are invited to the Gorg babies' party, so they travel through space to search for the perfect present. Tip gets pulled over by Kyle for driving Slushious without a license, causing her to take the Boovian driving test. Donny teaches Oh to be in control of his own emotions by taking him to go fishing. When an alien moves into the apartment above them, Oh thinks heâ€TMs a threat to earth but nobody believes him. Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh, Season 4 Episode 13, is available to watch and stream on Netflix. Johanna Stein, Nick Bachman and Nathan Bulmer. Segment No. Emily Brundige, Carder Scholin and Erica Jones. Comedy 2016 4 seasons. Derek Iversen, Clay Senechal, Nick Bachman and Nathan Bulmer. Even someone as calm and collected as Lucy can lose her cool when faced with her sister Linda! Emily Brundige, Jim Mortensen, Dakota McFadzean and Faryn Pearl. When Tip takes over Kyleâ€TMs job as “King of Police,” she removes all rules from Boovsland and it descends into chaos. -- … When Smek is kicked out of the Mopo, Oh helps him find a new home. The galaxy's dynamic duo are back in DreamWorks Animation's "Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh", an all-new Netflix Original Series jam-packed with outrageous laughs, tons of heart and contemporary urban pop music performed by teen singing sensation Rachel … Eager to earn cash, Tip and Oh start a extraterrestrial taxi service. It is currently unknown where her father is. Oh throws a slumber party in order to make more friends, much to Tip's dismay. Emily Brundige, Dan O'Connor, and Nathan Bulmer. Buy, Rent or Watch Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh and other Movies + TV Shows online. It is animated by Titmouse. Linda Tucci, called Leelo by Lucy, is a female human. Katie Mattila, Nick Bachman and Nathan Bulmer. Additional terms. Oh learns about human sports and fandom by rooting for a T-Ball team. Oh moves in with Tip and her human family and finally discovers the true meaning of home. Oh introduces Tip to the strange world of Boovian Earth tours. Tip and Oh reveal how they invented sock dawgs to avoid war between humans and Boov. Emily Brundige, Jim Mortensen and Dakota McFadzean. Tip and Oh need to find a new Boov host for his tummy fish parasites. 1:30. When Oh is under the impression that Tip wants space, he goes back to Boovsland, but quickly begins to feel the pain of being apart from family. Madison Bateman, Nick Bachman, and Nathan Bulmer. Clay Senechal, Nick Bachman and Nathan Bulmer. When a romance buds between Tip and Stick, the Boov Out Boys keep getting in the way. When Tip gets laryngitis, Oh helps step in as her voice to ask her crush to the Deep Dish Pizza dance. Tip teaches Oh about Christmas and the joys of it. Watch Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh season 4 episode 1 online. Oh's family reunion ends up turning into a disastrous family feud. TVY7. When Oh thinks that his favorite TV show is real, Tip tries to maintain the illusion. The Great Chicago Hot Dog Crisis/Wrinkly Humans Kids, A Thuper Hero Thtory Part 1/A Thuper Hero Thtory Part 2, July 2018 TV Calendar: Series Premiere and Return Dates. But Oh doesn't have a nose. After Tip urges Oh to stand up to bullies in the park, he goes crazy defending the city. Tip teaches Oh about lying, but soon Oh's lies spin out of control. Fox tries to break up Tip and Oh's friendship. Oh grows jealous when Tip starts paying more attention to their new lovable alien neighbor. The complete guide by MSN. Watch Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh - Season 2, Episode 1 - Lords and Lazers: On Demand programming varies by level of service; pricing, ratings and scheduling are subject to change. Tip and Oh encounter a cult of lost Boovs in a cave. When Tip gets laryngitis before she can ask her crush Keanu to a dance, Oh steps in to help; Oh invents a time machine so Tip can redo a very bad day. Johanna Stein, Jeremy Bernstein and Thomas Hunter. Lindsay Kerns, Nick Bachman and Nathan Bulmer. Home: Adventures with Tip Oh is an American animated TV series produced by DreamWorks and that debuted as an original Netflix series on July 29, 2016. Derek Iversen, Annisa Adjani, Ben Bury and David C. Smith. Where to Watch. A lonely Oh makes a friend at the aquarium. Rowdy alien Breakers threaten Oh's dream theme park family vacation; When Boov technology crashes, Oh, Tip, and Lucy try some extreme wilderness fun. Kristine Songco, Joanna Lewis, Jeremy Bernstein, Madeleine Flores, and Nathan Bulmer. The adventures of a girl and her enthusiastic alien pal unfold in this animated buddy comedy. / When Tip's diary gets boring for Oh, he decides to create drama in her life to liven up his favorite book. It currently has four seasons, 103 episodes, and one Christmas special. Kristine Songco, Joanna Lewis, Carder Scholin and Erica Jones. Tip and Oh help Lucy create a viral video. Picking up where the 2015 film left off, this coming-of-age buddy comedy follows fearless Tip and overenthusiastic Oh, as they navigate the crazily combined human and alien culture they live in, finding adventure everywhere they go. Eager to earn cash, Tip and Oh start an extraterrestrial taxi service; When Julio kicks Smek out of the store closet, Oh tries to find him a new home. The complete guide by MSN. Determined that Oh will receive an award for safety, Kyle goes into full protective mode. ... Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Last updated: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 -1:00. Latest Episode Aired Fri 7/20/2018 B.R.A.P. Tip and Oh join Krunkle on an old fashioned Koobish cattle drive. Watchlist Added. Lucy is made head chef at a fancy Booz eatery, leaving Tip to manage the diner; Oh learns about sports and fandom while rooting a T-ball team. Sure she is his ideal match, Oh goes on a date with crush Krunkle. Tip and Oh meet new pals -- including two Boov! You can watch these two battle it out in an all-new season of DreamWorks Home Adventures with Tip & Oh, now streaming on @Netflix! {{item.name}} {{item.name}} View All Movies Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. While Tip and Oh are camping, Kyle tells them a tale about a psycho Boov, terrifying Oh; After Oh reprograms her, Slushious becomes jealous of Tip. Oh is jealous when he sees his ex-flame Krunkle with another Boov. Tip faces a dilemma when Boov pop star Chercophonie promotes her awful singing. While camping in the Boov woods, Kyle tells Tip and Oh a scary campfire story, which terrifies Oh. Dtp59012. Stream the latest, or past, episodes of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh online or on the Fios Mobile app. Emily Brundige, Annisa Adjani and David C. Smith. Watch Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh online instantly. Notes: This is the series' first half-hour special. To cool Tip's fiery temper, Oh takes her to planet called “Angerdome,” where her rage awakens a fierce foe. Stick tries to romance Tip as Oh keeps his pal Fox busy. After drinking Boov crazy juice, Tip’s elderly grandparents go wild. Tip agrees to be Die-Anne's peace mentor but struggles to set a good example. Tip states they will have so much fun as roommates. Clay Senechal, Jim Mortensen and Dakota McFadzean, Sharzod hires Kyle as a detective to find her lost 'mojo. Johanna Stein, Natasha Kline and Bryan Mann, When Oh lavishes Tip with Friendiversary gifts, she scrambles to reciprocate in kind.
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